Tattersalls Club Early History

The following is an extract from the article "Club History" as appeared in the June 1995 edition of the "Official Publication of the Perth and Tattersall's Bowling and Recreation Club".

The Tattersalls Club in Perth -- which was to amalgamate with the Perth Bowling Club in the 1970s - was first mentioned in an item of the "Daily News" of Ju1y 11, 1885.

The paper recorded: "It has been decided by some gentlemen in the city to start a Tattersalls Club, in connection with the clubs in other colonies. In order to carry the idea into practical effect, arrangements have been made with Mr Fred Deardon, the well known licensee of the Railway Hotel, to build a club rooms for the purpose. We wish the promoters every success."

Following the press announcement the club evidently originated some six years later - in May, 1891, with 22 foundation members - F.T. Crowder, E.F. Darlot, H.S. Darlot, E.B. Denton, G.F. Eliot, Alex Forrest, M.A.C Fraser, E.G.S. Hare, A.W. Hassell, E.T. Hooley, E Keane, E.G. Lacey, George Leake, E.K. Money, F.C. Monger, George Parker, H.J. Saunders, Dr E Scott, R.F. Sholl, R.A. Sholl, J.H. Smith and W Strickland.

However from this date until August 2, 1901, no records are available and it would appear that enthusiasm lapsed during this period.

This is to some degree confirmed as it is recorded that a "preliminary" meeting was held at the United Service Hotel on August 2, 1901, some 10 years after the original meeting.

It is recorded: "At a meeting of prospective members held at the United Services Club Hotel on August 1, 1901, it was decided on the motion of Mr C Watson seconded by Mr Wilkinson, that a club be formed in Perth cal|ed the Western Australian Tattersalls Club, that 100 foundation members be enrolled at one guinea each for the year and that 20 bookmakers be admitted to membership at five guineas for the year"