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Updated 12th Feb, 2019

Perth Ladies Darts season runs from February to October and we encourage Ladies of all ages, including Junior Girls & Boys – from beginners to experts to join us for affordable fun & friendship! Our goal is to encourage & promote the game of darts as a sport and we have a Certified Coach available if required.

Dart/Bowling Challenge - to start off our season last week we joined forces with some eager Bowlers & had a great time on the Greens & in the Dart Boards. Well done to our Winners & we look forward to doing it again soon.
Many thanks to Peter French for organising the Bowlers & to Pat the Cook for cooking us dinner.

Our 2019 Dart Season Fixture events start on Wednesday 6 February with 5 teams competing. There will be a BYE Challenge each week for those teams on a bye to encourage our members to play to support not only our club, but the Perth & Tattersalls Bowling Club.

The Challenge provides an opportunity to bond, have fun while practicing and a chance to win prizes along the way.

The Score Board

Dart/Bowling Challenge - photos

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Perth Ladies Darts Association (PLDA) was established in 1971 when a group of Ladies got together to promote fun and friendship in the game of darts. In 2016 we celebrated 45 years and we are proud to have Perth & Tattersalls Bowling & Recreation Club as our venue since 1989 (28+ years).

We can currently support up to 16 teams and we invite new female members and Junior Boys and Girls or teams to join us. Fixtured games start in February and windup in midOctober. Never played darts before? That’s not a problem as we can provide coaching and full support to get your started.

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