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Updated 14th June

2017-2018 BOWLS SEASON

As the new season approaches, it's time to start thinking of the coming Pennants and, dare I say, the volunteer HELP required to run the Mens Bowls section..... ok, who wants to be a Selector ?

The Mens Bowls AGM will be held shortly (once we decide on a date !!!!). We'll let you know the details of this exciting event very soon.

Note, the Club AGM, will be held in August. Date TBA.

Ok, now for the fun part....Pennants.
BowlsWA has published a DRAFT Calendar for the 2017-2018 Season. You can have a look at it by clicking HERE. But it must be stressed that THIS IS A DRAFT version. It may change as the start of the season approaches. There are rumours that some clubs are not happy with the new arrangements and may seek changes.

BowlsWA are changing the competition slightly by reducing the divisions to 8 teams and 14 rounds plus finals. You can have a look at details of this new structure by clicking HERE.

But the season has actually been extended slightly by the addition of a 4 round Club Challenge mini comp for both Midweek (Thursdays) and Saturdays. The women will also have a similar arrangement for Tuesdays.
BowlsWA has released the details for the proposed Club Challenge competition and you can have a look at it by clicking HERE.

So taking into account finals games, there will be up to 20 games for the Pennants season alone. Then with Club Comps and BowlsWA events, you could be busy with bowls almost every week between the beginning of October to the end of March next year.

Ok, what about us. Well we are now starting to think about the team structures and consequently require some feedback from players.

We have emailed out the Player Contact Details & Availability form to each player and request that they fill it out and return to us asap. If you didn't receive one yet, you can download one by clicking HERE.

We request that every player fill this out and return asap. It will also help to update our records.

Note, once the season starts, each player will also have access to their data via a login on the Club website. There will also be a Match Availabilty database for each player to access via the Club website. This is in addition to the Availability List on the notice board at the Club.


2016-2017 BOWLS SEASON

Final ladder positions are available on the Mens teams pages.

The Mens Div 2 Thursday - after playoffs, will remain in Div 2 for next season.

The Mens Div 2 Saturday - unfortunately will be demoted to Div 3 for next season.

Both the Mens Thursday and Saturday Div 5 teams will likely remain in Div 5 for next season, after finishing mid ladder for both teams.

Well done guys.


Mens Bowls Committee
Season 2016-2017

PRESIDENT Rowdy Nelson
Tony Smith
0407 711 051
TREASURER Michael Pullinger
0412 609 136
SECRETARY Pat Pidhirnyj
0417 989 335
SELECTORS Max Viskovich
Vic Boxell
Tony Smith
Pat Pidhirnyj