You can become a member of the Perth and Tattersalls Bowling and Recreation Club.

To view (and download) the Membership Application form, click HERE

The application form details the current fees and membership classes. Print the form, fill it out and bring it down to the Club. Once approved by the Management Commitee and payment of fees, you become a Club member and enjoy the privileges.

Members and visitors are entitled to park at the Club when on Club business only i.e. for social visits and gatherings, pennant games, functions etc.
All full members will have been issued with a Parking Permit. This MUST be displayed on the dashboard when parking at the Club.
WARNING: Unauthorised parking is subject to wheel clamping !.

Only Parking Members displaying the appropriate Parking Permit are entitled to park fulltime (i.e. everyday) at the Club.

Membership Fees

The Membership Fees for the Club is now due and covers the period 1st July to 30th June each year.

Please complete and return the Application/Renewal Club Membership form with your renewal.

Please note the fee structure which may have changed.
To view and download this form, click HERE

Please select Single or Double PLUS Bowls Affiliation Fee (per player) and add $55 with your payment

These fees are for ALL membership classes of the Club i.e. full, social, parking, etc.

If you are a Full or Parking member, you will be given a Parking Permit as well as the Membership Card.

Parking Permits MUST be displayed on your vehicle's dashboard AT ALL TIMES when parking at the Club. Failure to do so, may cause your vehicle to be clamped.

You have to be a financial member of the Club to enjoy the benefits of the Club.