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(Updated 22nd May, 2019)

2019 ABBA National Championships

Well it's all over and it all went very well. The competition was great and by all accounts everyone enjoyed themselves. We received many positive comments about all aspects of the competition. The Club was a perfect venue and the greens were well presented and provided a perfect playing surface... Thanks Yatesy. And the weather was magnificent with no delays due to bad weather. The volunteers and staff did a great job and made us all proud.


Club AGM

The Club AGM will be held on Sunday, 18th August at 10am. This will be the first AGM after the adoption of the new Constitution with some minor chages to the election of office bearers. On that note, the new (revised) Constitution has been submitted to the W.A. Government for ratification.

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(Updated 22nd May, 2019)

Club AGM
Sunday 18th August


Sunday Scroungers
9.30am for 10am Start


Bowls Members ....HELP

We require volunteers from the Club Bowls Members to assist us with these corporates. It is important that we get your help as it keeps YOUR Club viable. Please contact Eric or Michael for details. Thank you.

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